Hello. I'm currently designing at Google. Here's a sample of my previous work.




Amazon (2012–2014)

The Fire Phone is a 3D-enabled smartphone designed and developed by Amazon.com. It was announced on June 18, 2014. Fire Phone runs the Fire OS operating system, a forked version of Android.

I joined the Fire Phone project during it's early stages in the spring of 2012. I was a member of the framework team responsible for designing the global components and user experiences outside of apps. This includes: the home screen, controls library, notifications, settings, gestures, search, lock screen, and many of the behind-the-scenes systems.



BLAMO (2015–2016)

Rideshare (real name omitted) is an app designed to enable carpooling and allow individuals to track the positive impact they have on the environment by taking cars off the road. The app is structured around a just-in-time notification system that facilitates carpool coordination and execution. 

BLAMO was hired to bring the concept of Rideshare to fruition by designing the user experience and visual language of the app. The Rideshare app is currently in development.



BLAMO (2015)

Daily View (real name omitted) is an app for tracking employee performance and project status throughout the year. Instead of checking in with employees during set review times, Daily View prompts people to answer a couple of quick questions each day. The goal is to document accomplishments often and identify problems early.

BLAMO collaborated on concept development and produced wireframes, prototypes, and the visual design language. Daily View is currently in development.



BLAMO (2016)

InLoop is a last mile delivery solution for shipping cargo in India. The InLoop platform eliminates the need for brokers to act as the middle man between online retail companies and truck drivers. The system includes a mobile delivery manifest for drivers along with an analytics dashboard for shipping companies. 

BLAMO collaborated on concept development and delivered end to end experience design. InLoop is currently being piloted in New Delhi.